Oscar Nominations 2024: Barbie Gets Snubbed and Other Hot Takes

So, the Oscar nominations dropped, and as usual, it’s a mix of “Oh wow!” and “Wait, what?”. But the biggest jaw-drop? Barbie getting dissed in some major categories. Oppenheimer hogged the limelight with a whopping 13 nominations, leaving Poor Things and Killers of the Flower Moon trying to catch up.

Barbie, though she scored eight nods, got slapped in the face. Greta Gerwig got no love for best director, and Margot Robbie missed out on a best actress nod.

Let’s break down five hot topics from the nominations, including the drama around Barbie’s snubs.

1. Golda and Maestro’s ‘Jewface’ Saga

Golda wasn’t the Oscars’ big shot, but it did wiggle into the best makeup and hairstyling category. Controversy alert! Dame Helen Mirren playing Israeli PM Golda Meir stirred a pot of debate about non-Jewish actors taking on Jewish roles. Maestro had its own drama with Bradley Cooper’s looks as Jewish composer Leonard Bernstein. David Baddiel’s tweet summed it up: “Oscar nods for Jewface.”

2. LGBT History-Maker

Colman Domingo nabbing a best actor nomination for Rustin and Jodie Foster rocking a best supporting actress nod for Nyad? Cue history-making moment. Two openly LGBT actors scoring nominations for playing LGBT characters. Domingo as civil rights hero Bayard Rustin and Foster as swimming coach Bonnie Stoll. Big deal. Also, shoutout to the 10 newbies getting their first nom, like Emily Blunt and crew.

3. Saltburn’s Oscar Diss

Saltburn, despite its cult status and love from other awards, got the cold shoulder at the Oscars. Emerald Fennell’s wild flick about a student diving into a rich family got hugs from the Golden Globes and five Bafta nods. But, oh boy, the more reserved US Academy voters weren’t feeling it. Maybe the bathtubs and graveyard scenes were too much for their taste.

4. Slow ‘Revolution’ for Female Directors

Greta Gerwig not making the best director cut? That’s a red flag on the slow progress for female directors. Justine Triet from France, the brain behind Anatomy of a Fall, stood as the only woman in the ring this time – the eighth round in Oscars history. Talking about the shift in the film world, Triet said it’s the start of a major revolution for women. And hey, for the first time ever, three films directed by women got the nod for best picture.

5. Lily Gladstone’s Oscar Ride

Lily Gladstone from Killers of the Flower Moon might just make history as the first Native American actress to grab an Oscar. Playing a woman from the Osage tribe dealing with greedy white settlers after their oil-rich land. Martin Scorsese directed the flick, making him the oldest dude ever nominated for best director at 81. Here’s a wild twist – an old high school yearbook pic of Gladstone popped up, revealing her classmates predicted she’d be “most likely to win an Oscar.” Smart classmates, it seems.

In the big Oscar picture, these juicy points add spice to the convo. Who’s taking home the gold? We’ll find out, but for now, let the chit-chat and excitement keep rolling in the movie world.